Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Quest 2020: Summer of the Beaches II

Summer of the Beaches II

This blog started 5 years ago today! I had a plan for a completely different quest for this summer, but life is pretty different right now and it is hard to know what it will look like through the summer. I am so grateful to be healthy and safe at home, but we are outdoor people and hoping we can keep our nature time. We visited 10 of the main beaches in 2016 and I am planning to revisit our Summer of the Beaches to include some of the ones that are off the beaten path.  Enjoy nature while social distancing! I am using this site for a list (which includes a few beaches I have never heard of before even as a Santa Barbara native!)  as well as information from Google Maps. 

Santa Barbara Area Beaches
Rincon Beach
Carpinteria Beach (2016)
Padardo Beach (2016)
Miramar Beach
Hammond's Beach
Butterfly Beach (2016)
East Beach (2016)
Santa Barbara Harbor Beach (Sandspit)
West Beach (2016)
Hendry's Beach/Arroyo Burro*
Hope Ranch Beach
Moore Mesa Beach
Goleta Beach (2016)
Campus Point Beach
Isla Vista Beach
Depressions Beach
Devereux Beach (Coal Oil Point)
Sands Beach Coal Oil Point
Ellwood Beach
Haskell's Beach (2016)
Arroyo Hondo Beach
El Capitan Beach  (2016)
Refugio Beach  (2016)

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