Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Veteran's and Memorial Day Activities CO-VID Style

When I mentioned the other day the Veteran's Day was coming up, my 7 year old asked if we could go to that walk with the plates with names of people. I was surprised that she remembered it so vividly!  There are 2 spots that I take my kids on Memorial Day and/or Veteran's Day to remember local service people. 

I covered the Eling's Park Veterans Memorial Walk on a different post, but in summary . There are plaques for the different wars and those from Santa Barbara County who lost their lives. It is a level path less than a mile with plaques for each year of the Vietnam War and then plaques for every war. 

All Wars Memorial

Walking Path

Veteran's Plaque

A second quicker option is a drive to the World War II Memorial by the airport.  The memorial is dedicated to the aviators who trained at the Santa Barbara Airport. The turn off for the memorial is just before long term parking (they also refer to it as the cell phone lot). You can watch planes take off and land here. We once brought a picnic and caused airport security to sit in their truck just over the fence from us. A little known fact is that many of the streets around here are named after these aviators: David Love, William Moffett and James Fowler, for example. 

Turn at the Sign and Park

WWII Memorial

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Election Resources

Today I found a 2018 post on Facebook where people shared their favorite election resources. While it is too late for 2020, I wanted to create a post so these resources are here in the future! These were gathered from my Facebook friends, so if you see your favorite one missing, please let me know!