Monday, August 24, 2020

Hope Ranch Beach

Hope Ranch Beach is a Santa Barbara Beach that is not easy to access unless you are a resident. For residents, it has storage lockers and kayak storage in and around the cabana as well as a lifeguard in summer. Anyone at the beach can use the snack shop, bathrooms and hoses for rinsing sand off. 

Directions: If you a resident of Hope Ranch, you can enter the main entrance on Las Olas. Take the 101S to the La Cumbre exit. Turn right onto Las Palmas Dr. Continue for over 2 miles, then turn right onto Las Olas Dr. 

Directions: For the rest of us, take the 101 to the Turnpike exit. Turn south toward the ocean. Turn left onto Hollister Ave and continue to Puente Dr. Park on Puente Dr at Mockingbird Lane. There is no parking on Mockingbird Lane, so walk up the hill to the More Mesa path. Head down the path straight from the end of Mockingbird Lane. The steps down to the beach are .8 miles from Puente Dr. and total about 1.2 miles to Hope Ranch Beach.

This is a clean beach and we saw very little tar.
There are amenities (shop with snacks--candy and chips type-- and bathrooms). 
While it was crowded near the entrance, it was easy to move down the beach for space. 

This beach is a trek for those of us who don't have access through the gate. We ended up walking about 2.5 miles.
The More Mesa steps are steep with a drop off nearby. It will make some people nervous and it isn't great for little kids. 
The More Mesa steps are narrow and it is not easy to socially distance. 
It doesn't seem like parking is easy, even for residents. There is a drop-off point, but no parking just off the beach. 
If you are walking from another beach, you need to check the tides. Hide tide may make the beach inaccessible. 

Hope Ranch to the East (Arroyo Burro)

Hope Ranch Beach to the West (More Mesa)

More Mesa Path

More Mesa Beach Entrance

More Mesa Steps

Hope Ranch Beach Bathrooms

Cabana and Bathrooms

Cabana Storage

Kayak Storage

Snack Shop

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