Friday, July 17, 2020

Sands Beach

Sands Beach (or Coal Oil Point Beach) is an Isla Vista beach popular with surfers and students. This beach and neighboring Devereux Beach are home to Coal Oil Point, the Devereux Slough and the many Snowy Plover. The beach can be narrow near the entrance path so you may need to wear a mask if you want to practice social distancing. The tide pools are best closest to the point. 

Directions: From 101, take the Los Carneros exit. Turn south toward the ocean. Follow the road until it dead ends at El Colegio Rd. and turn right. Take the second left onto Camino Corto and continue to the end at Del Playa. Turn right and continue to the end. Park in the spots along Camino Majorca under the trees.

We park at the corner of Camino Majorca and Del Playa, then turn right on the path and head to the end, walking down the path to Sands Beach. Coal Oil Point is to the left. 

As a former science teacher, I got lost in all the info for the Devereux Slough. There is a virtual tour. And a videographer that has created videos on the Devereux Slough or the Snowy Plover.

There were not a lot of people on this beach, so it was easy to socially distance. 
This beach has great tidepools at low tide. They are best closest to the point (left from the path).
We had a great time rock/shell collecting here. 
The surfers concentrate at the point, so if you head right from the path, you might have the beach to yourself. 

The path is the hardest place to socially distance and you may want to wear a mask here even if you don't wear one out in nature. 
No bathrooms
There are spaces that are roped off to keep the Snowy Plovers safe. 
There has been a ton of kelp the times we have been there and (this being Coal Oil Point) there is a lot of tar. 

Path to the Beach

Entrance to Beach

Sands Beach to the East toward IV Beaches

Sands Beach to the West toward Ellwood Beach

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