Friday, September 30, 2022

Kellogg Park in Ventura

 We stumbled upon Kellogg Park in Ventura when headed home from Camp Arnaz with the Girl Scouts. It is such a fun combination of elements. This park had so many elements we loved! Many things reminded us of Wallis Park but there were many other things noted below! Created in the Ventura Watershed, there are natural places to climb and for water to drain. It reminds me in this way of Creek Park in Carpinteria! (which apparently I still need to review!)



There are elements like Tomol Interpretive Playground in Carpinteria with a tomol, tree stump and rocks to climb.

Another familiar element is the sliding hill similar to the one at the SB Zoo!

And there are diggers--similar to the ones in Tierra de Fortuna Park in Isla Vista!

These petal spinners remind us of Willowglen and Hidden Valley Park

The spinner, chess tables and adult exercise set remind us of Wallis Park on S Kellogg Ave.

The park also has swings, two large play structures for 2-5 and 5-12,

There is also an amphitheater as well as bathrooms, picnic tables, benches, and even built in cornhole!

This is in a more industrial part of Ventura closer to the 33 highway. We loved it and will go again when we are in the area! More info: