Friday, July 3, 2020

Ellwood Beach

Ellwood Beach is a Goleta beach adjacent to the Ellwood Preserve. It is a bit of a walk, which makes it easier to social distance. This is a mostly locals beach and a walking beach because it is out of the way. 

Directions: From 101, take the Los Glen Annie/Storke exit. Turn south toward the ocean. Turn right onto Hollister Ave. Turn left onto Santa Barbara Shores and continue to the end. Park on the street close to the gate.

We park at the end of Santa Barbara Shores Dr., then walk straight down the path (directly off the end of the road) down the path to the beach.  Alternately you can go down this path and at the end, head to the left for a wider flatter path down to the beach where you could use a stroller or wagon. 
There were not a lot of people on this beach so it was easy to socially distance. Mostly the other people were walkers.
There are no surfers to avaoid.
My kids liked the caves to explore. 
We had a great time building with rocks and wood here. 

The path is the hardest place to socially distance and you may want to wear a mask here even if you don't wear one out in nature. 
No bathrooms 
It is more remote (if the isolation makes you concerned).
The walk is about half a mile

Sign at the steep path down

Close path down

East toward Depressions and Sands Beach

West towards Haskell's Beach

Driftwood Structures

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