Friday, August 26, 2016

Goleta Beach

Our family's go-to beach has been the closest one: Goleta Beach. Until recently, we went to the area near the playground, so we could have both the beach and playground as an option, but many friends recommend the area left of the pier for going to the beach only. So we tried it and liked it.

Directions: Turn left onto Fairview and follow it past the airport (it will turn to the right--James Fowler Rd, then left --Moffett Place, then left again--Sandspit Rd before you reach the beach). More info.

Goleta Beach (Left of the Pier)
It is centrally located for Goletans.
The walk with all of your stuff is short.
Parking is generally good but it can be crowded on the weekends in summer with restaurant traffic.
There are bathrooms.
It is further away from the group areas. It is easier to social distance in 2020.
The waves are generally calm.

The beach is non-existent when the tide is in so you might want to check the tide charts.
There are no rinse areas like showers.
It is closer to the slough (if that grosses you out).

Goleta Beach (Right of the pier)
It is still centrally located for Goletans.
There is plenty of parking.
The playground is there of r park and beach play.
There are bathrooms.
The beach is there, even at high tide.
The waves are generally calm.

There is a longer walk to the beach with your stuff.
It is right next to the group areas which can be rowdy. It is harder to social distance in 2020.
The beach area can be more crowded on

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