Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Santa Barbara Free Monthly Events

Franken-Pumpkin from OSH
Recently I took my kids to a free event decorating Franken-pumpkins in Goleta. I started wondering about free events in town and how to find them. Here is list I found (feel free to comment if I missed one):

Home Depot has a kids event the first Saturday morning of each month.

Michaels has events about once a month for kids. 

Orchard Supply Hardware has events for kids that they announce through their emails and Facebook.

Parent Click hosts a free event every 2nd and 4th Thursday from 10-11 at Paseo Nuevo. They also have links to all the kids events and classes (free or not).

Santa Barbara Museum of Art has a free time on Thursday evenings (5-8pm).

Santa Barbara Natural History Museum is free on the 3rd Sunday (except May-August)

Santa Barbara Public Library has event throughout the month and especially in summer.

South Coast Rail Museum has free train rides every Friday from 1-4.

Zodos has a free summer bowling program through Kids Bowl Free. it includes 2 free games a day (you need to rent shoes, however.)

If you happen to live elsewhere, here are some other stores with events:

Barnes and Noble has story time on Saturday mornings at 11 am

Lowes has biweekly Saturday morning events.

Pottery Barn Kids free weekly story time and other monthly events

The museum days were listed on an old post: