Sunday, July 24, 2022

Snapshot Spring 2022

This season has kinda been a hot mess at my house--between the last push to finish my capstone project for my master's degree, COVID (we held out for so long!) and now Influenza A. We haven't gotten much done on our summer list or with our goal to hike more. Hopefully we will get to it if we recover soon or not. I have had to learn some flexibility about my goals over the past 7 years (like the last time we had nature walks and easy hikes as a goal). So in place of that I will share my belated spring snapshot (and will format it all later).

Favorite New Product: We have been playing the old game Rummicub a lot in preparation of visiting some older relatives. It is a great game for my almost 9 and almost 12 year old. 

Life Hack: Apparently having "pointless" goals or "stupid quests", not only makes life more fun, but also can help when we are feeling powerless in other places in life (ahem, parenting). My quest to visit all the parks in Santa Barbara makes so much sense now!

Last Book I Finished: And Then There were None by Agatha Christie

Ten strangers are invited under various pretenses to a week away on a mysterious island. When the wealthy host doesn't show, an uneasiness settles. A record is played accusing the guests of a crime for which they cannot be convicted in a court of law. A framed nursery rhyme in every room seems to predict how things will go. As murders occur, according to the rhyme, fear grows and mistrust overwhelms the guests.

Who is behind the murders? One of them? If so, how? In the end, there will be none, in what seems like an impossible end. This is masterfully put together in the old style of murder mystery with very little gore and all sleuthing.

Life Project: I just (6/30) finished my Master's of Education in Instructional Design at Western Governor's University. I love that you can work at your own pace to accelerate your classes when you demonstrate your competence in the subject matter by test or by project!

What we are eating today: Salsa Chicken so easy and yummy!


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Monday, July 4, 2022

Inspiration Point

You can't beat the view from Inspiration Point. It is tough enough that I didn't attempt it with my kids until recently (and even then it was a special request for my birthday). The trail is moderately strenuous for those used to hiking. 

Directions: Take the 101S to Mission St. Turn left onto Mission, then left on Chapala St.  Turn right onto Los Olivos St and continue onto Mission Canyon. Take a right onto Foothill and left onto Mission Canyon Rd. Veer left at the fork to continue onto Tunnel Rd. Park near the end of the road. 

I would recommend a map or description for this one since it does not have well marked signs. You will take the left fork at about .7 miles in (Jesusita Trail). Continue left (not toward 7 Falls) and at the end of the path you cross a power road to an overlook. The actual Inspiration Point is to the left along the power road (look for a footpath to the right). 


Trail Rating: Difficult for toddlers and kids not used to hiking, Moderate for others
Distance: 2 miles to the point, 4 miles round trip
Time: 2 hours round trip
Nearby attractions: Botanic Gardens, Rocky Nook Park, Natural History Museum
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