Saturday, January 1, 2022

Yearly Reading Challenge

I have been following the Modern Mrs. Darcy the past few years and historically she has a yearly reading challenge. This year (and last year) she did a choose-your-own-adventure style challenge. Many other bloggers create their own version and Goodreads has a plethora too. I had a list of types of books I would try to read every year, but never had success reading all of them until I streamlined it and tied each type to a month of the year. In 2020 and 2021, I hit all the categories! I also reviewed every book I read in 2021 which hasn't happened before. I didn't quite make it in 2022 because of school in the spring (master's degree) and work in the fall. I have shared the reading list on my personal FB page, but here it is for wider perusal.

Note: this list has categories that reflect my Christian worldview, especially March and July, as well as choices in each category that are Christian books. I share to inspire you to think of categories that would fit you and to share my reading life too. 

Updated 2023: I italicized the potential picks in each category for 2023. I am trying to read books I already have or that are already on my to read list, but something new always catches my eye too!

January Social Justice for Martin Luther King Day: 

February Marriage for Valentine's Day:

March Christian Living for Lent: 

April Environment for Earth Day: 
2022: Remember Creation (Finished this on January 3, 2023 :)

May Biography: 
2021: Tolkien (Devin Brown)

June Parenting for Children's Day: 
2022: I missed this goal in 2022 :(

July Christian Fiction for summer: 

August Children's for summer: 
September Classics for Back to School: 

October Food for Harvest: 

November Science: 
2022: Range 

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