Sunday, February 20, 2022

Berkeley Park Update

Some open spaces in Goleta are getting a face lift and some new equipment. First up was Berkeley Park. In the past, there was a toddler and kid swing as well as a teeter-totter as well as a spring riding toy.  We love this one when my kids were little for the teeter-totter. There are also tennis courts here and it is a popular dog park. This park is located in the Kellogg neighborhood and can be access from Kellogg School, Berkeley Rd or Arundel Rd. 

There are a lot of climbing areas packed into a small structure.
We love the cute butterfly and have seen littles enjoy it. 
The spinning tower is a favorite. 
The teeter-totter is still fun although for smaller kids. 

This isn't going to hold kids attention for too long. 
There are no bathrooms, but there is a port-a-potty. 

Front View Big Kid Area

Side View Big Kid Area

Back View Big Kid Area 

Toddler Area

Cute Butterfly

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