Monday, September 26, 2016

40 Year Bucket List Update

Pinterest is a wealth of 40 memes.

1. Finish losing 40 pounds *11 pounds to go -- September 30

2. Run 400 miles this year (2016) * 380 miles on September 30--on track for 500 miles!

3. Run a 10k/6.2 mi (Goleta Lemon Run--9/18/2016)

Before the Lemon Run!
Misty Run!
The Final Stretch!

4. Complete a triathlon (Carpinteria Sprint Triathlon--9/25/2016)
               0.5k Swim, 10 mike ride and 5k (3.1 mi) run
Ready to go!
All set up.
Leaving the water
End of the bike ride
End of the run and race
5. Participate in a promise walk/run (San Diego Promise Walk--5/20/2016)
Family Promise Walk
6. 40 days of buying no new things (2/10/2016-3/27/2016)
First purchase back

7. Give away 40 things (February/March 2016)
Over 40 books given away in pocket libraries 
Over 40 items of clothes plus other stuff
8. Try 40 new recipes Post here

9. Read 40 books (41 books--October 2016) Check out the whole list on Goodreads!

10. Memorize 40 verses (12 verses -- behind on this one unless you include Seeds songs!)

11. Learn to French braid hair

El Carro Park

El Carro Park is centrally located to Carpinteria with beautiful mountaib views. It has a large play area, soccer and baseball fields. There are walking paths picnic tables and benches. There is a 2-5 play structure with a double slide, another slide, 1 climbing area and a tunnel over woodchips. There is also a 5-12 play structure with a triple slide, twisty slide and 5 climbing areas including a tunnel over wood chips. There are also toddler and regular swings.
Directions: Take the 101 S to Linden Ave in Carpinteria. Turn left onto Linden and continue to El Carro Lane. Turn right on to El Carro Lane. The park will be on your left after about 1/2 a block.

There are bathrooms (although not always promptly unlocked on the weekend mornings).
There is plenty of parking most days (a lot on either side of the park).
There are several uniqe climbing areas.
This park has the largest number of Tic-Tac-Toe toys I have seen (see below).
The crocodile.

The parking is tight on sports weekends.
The bathrooms have been locked in the morning when we were there.

Overall Play Area

2-5 Play Structure (Front)

-5 Play Structure (Back)

5-12 Play Structure (Front)

5-12 Play Structure (Side)
5-12 Play Structure (Back)
Big Kid Swings

Toddler Swings 


Walking Paths

Tic-Tac-Toe Toys

Friday, September 2, 2016

Leadbetter Beach

**2020 Update** This is not a beach where it would be easy to social distance, especially on the weekends.

Leadbetter Beach is a Santa Barbara beach close to the Mesa. It begins below Shoreline Park and ends at the harbor. It is a popular beach where we often meet friends. 

Directions: To reach it, take 101S to Castillo St. Turn right onto Castillo St and follow it to the dead end. Turn right onto Shoreline Dr and follow it until you reach the Leadbetter sign on the left at Loma Alta Dr. More info,

There is generally plenty for parking (some of it paid).
There are bathrooms.
There are both foot and regular showers.
The parking is close to the beach and it is easy to get stuff onto the beach.
It is close to Shoreline Park.
Waves are gentle and water is shallow.

SBCC students can park at the beach area with their permits, making it very hard to find parking.
This is a very popular beach especially in the summer and on weekends. It can be very crowded.

Looking West towards Shoreline Park

Looking East toward the harbor


Showers and foot showers

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

West Beach

West Beach is a small beach between the harbor and the pier. It is beautiful and often the beach of Santa Barbara photographs. To get there, take 101S to Castillo St and turn right. Follow Castillo St until it dead ends into Cabrillo Blvd. Turn left to take a chance at parking on the street. The beach is after the harbor and small playground. Turn right to get to the parking lot (take your first left, enter paid parking and follow it through several lots until it dead ends at the launch ramp). More info.

This is a beautiful, classic Santa Barbara spot.
It is a great volleyball area,
There is a small toddler playground nearby.

This is where the tourists go. It can be crowded. This won't be an easy beach to socially distance on.
There are no bathrooms.
Parking in either paid or difficult to find.

West Beach from the pier
Looking West towards the harbor

Looking East towards the pier

Looking at the water

Padaro Beach

Padaro Beach Beach is located off Santa Claus Lane in Summerland.  To reach it, take 101S to the Santa Claus Lane exit. Continue straight onto Santa Claus Lane and park where you can! Cross the train tracks using your own discretion and follow one of the many paths to the beach. More info here.

Parking is good during the week especially in the morning.
This beach can be less crowded than some beaches. On the weekends especially is can be very busy and hard to social distance. 
The waves are good for body surfing and boogie boarding.
You can head over to Padaro Beach Grill for lunch.

Parking in the summer and on weekends can be almost impossible. Arrive early.
There are no lifeguards. This beach has waves that are not as gentle as some area beaches.
You must cross train tracks to walk in and the tracks might make you nervous even on the beach.
You must carry stuff a ways to come here.
There is a portapotty but no bathrooms.

These pictures were taken on the weekend in July.

Looking East

Looking West

Shallow water

Rocks are between the beach and tracks in some places.

Park and cross the tracks.