Monday, June 29, 2015

Children's Park

Children's Park has a 5-12 play structure, swings, a stagecoach looking climbing structure, and tetherball (over wood chips and sand). A unique feature is a take-one/leave-one Little Free Library. It is located in Isla Vista on Camino del Sur.

The climbing structure is unique.

Parking is difficult if you don't live nearby.
The park can be busy in the afternoon with after school programs.
No bathrooms.

Alemeda Park (Kid's World)

Alemeda Park has the most awesome play structure. it looks like a castle with bridges, slides, climbing areas, tunnels and swings (tire, toddler and regular). The areas are over wood chips and sand. It is truly unique. It it located near downtown Santa Barbara on Micheltorena St.

The structure is huge and has a great variety of equipment.
There are areas for the littest ones and older kids.
The bathrooms are clean and nearby.

You will probably lose sight of your kid in this structure.
The younger kid equipment is never where littles want to stay and this structure is a large place to follow your kid.

Note: If you like to feed ducks and turtles, head across the street to Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens!

Stow Grove

Stow Grove is a Goleta park with a baseball and soccer field as well as a play area for a wide range of ages. It includes 2 toddler swings, 4 regular swings, a 5-12 year old play structure with 4 slides, 3 climbing areas, wheels, a sliding bar, monkey bars, and climbing rings over sand.
Directions: Take 101N to Los Carneros Ave. Turn right onto Los Carneros and right again onto Cathedral Oaks Rd. Turn right onto La Patera Rd and the parking lot will be on your left. The playground is visible from the parking lot.

This park is rarely overcrowded.
There is play equipment for bigger and smaller kids.
Parking and getting to it are easy.
The climbing equipment is great.
There is sand for digging (a plus for my kids anyway).
There are bathrooms in the redwood forest side on the park.

No bathrooms on the playground side (but there is a portapotty).
The park is open to the street.
The play structure is high in a few places and not the best for little kids.

Estero Park

Estero Park is an open park with a 5-12 play structure over wood chips, basketball court, disc golf course and green area. It is next to the common gardens and teen center. The play structure is high and best for older kids. It is located at the end of Estero Rd in Isla Vista.

There are several fun climbing sections on the play structure.
The spiral slide was a hit with my kids.

There are no bathrooms.
It can be difficult to find parking in IV.  

Hilda McIntyre Ray Park

Hilda McIntyre Ray Park is tucked away on the westside of Santa Barbara (seriously, I grew up less than half a mile from here and did not know it existed until recently!). It has a small 2-5 year old play structure over rubber mat. It is located off Carrillo St near the top of the hill at Kenwood Rd.

This is a truly toddler friendly play structure.
There are simple bathrooms (with no doors however).

It is small with nothing for older kids.
There are no swings.
It is easy to get lost finding it. Don't trust Google maps--it will steer you wrong. Use these:

Friday, June 5, 2015

Fariview Area Neighborhood Parks

There are 3 small parks in the Cambridge/Fairview neighborhood on the Goleta map (locations 1 and 7):
They are small and of course have no bathrooms, but there is never competition for the play equipment and there are friendly neighbors with dogs.

Anadmar Open Space has a toddler and 2 regular swings as well as a slide over sand.It is located off Cathedral Oaks between Dara Rd and Arundel Rd with entrances on all 3 streets.

Slide, 2 swings and a toddler swing

Slide, 2 swings and a toddler swing

Chickens through the back fence
Emerald Terrace has tennis courts as well as a teeter-totter, ride on toys and 2 swings (1 toddler) over sand. Emerald Terrace is located between Berkeley Ave and Arundel Rd (entrances on both streets) and is behind Kellogg Elementary School.

Toddler and regular swing

Teeter-totter and riding toy
Another "pocket" park in the Fairview area is on Scott Ct. off Village Terrace. It has a tall slide, 2 regular swings and 2 stationary sit on toys over sand.
Regular swings

Slide and Stationary toys

Tierra de Fortuna (Dinosaur) Park

When I reviewed Anisq'Oyo' Park, I called it the dinosaur park only to realize there are 2 parks with dinosaurs in Isla Vista. Tierra de Fortuna had a climbing dinosaur, a merry-go-round, a digger toy, a double teeter-totter, 2 swings and a tire swing over wood chips and sand.  It is located on the west side of Isla Vista behind Isla Vista Elementary School:

The 2-5 structure is truly toddler friendly.
Older kids love the merry-go-round and dino structure.
This is the only double teeter totter I have seen around here.


No bathrooms
Parking is limited in Isla Vista. 

This may not interest older kids for very long.

Dinosaur Climbing Stucture

2-5 play structure 
Lovely gazebo


Digger toy