Monday, August 17, 2020

Depressions Beach

One last Isla Vista beach worth mentioning on its own is Depressions Beach. Close to Campus Point, there are a lot of surfers, but closer to the lagoon, there is space to spread out. Getting there involves a walk, but you may have the space to yourself once you get there. To the east is th popular Campus Point Beach and to the West is the Isla Vista beach at El Embarcadero. 

Directions: Take the 101 N to Los Carneros Ave. Turn right onto Los Carneros. Turn left on El Colegio and then right onto Camino Pescadero. Turn left on Del Playa and park wherever there is space closest to the end of Del Playa.

From the east (campus) end of Del Playa, follow the bluff trail a quarter mile to the steps to the beach. Alternately, you can follow the directions to Campus Point Beach and walk around the point to Depressions Beach. This would not work at hide tide without getting wet. More info

There area in front of the lagoon is very calm (but may have stream water coming from the lagoon).
The space near the lagoon is wide, even at high tide and didn't have a lot of people.
The waves are great for boogie boarding towards the point. 
The walk is not too long.

There are no amenities (bathrooms or restaurants) nearby.
The sections closer to the point and El Embarcadero are much narrower at high tide.
There are more people in the narrower section and it is harder to socially distance. 

Bluff Path
Depressions Steps

Depressions Beach to the East (Campus Point)

Depressions Beach to the West (Isla Vista Beaches)

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