Monday, January 14, 2019

Waller Park

Waller Park

Waller Park is the Kid's World of the Santa Maria/Orcutt area. It is close to the Santa Maria Discovery Museum if you want to make a day of it. The park itself is very spacious with a pond with lots of different kinds of birds, volleyball court, softball fields, reservable group areas and 2 large play structures. The 2-5 play structure has has 4 slides, a bridge, a tunnel, and 2 climbing areas. The 5-12 play structure has 7 climbing areas including a climbing wall and a large variety of others and 4 slides (twisty, double and more). There are regular swings, 1 toddler swing, and a tire swing as well as a spring riding toy and a car structure. 

The park has a large variety of things to do. 
The park has lots of parking. 
This would be an excellent park for climbers. 

The park was busy with a lot of kids there on the vacation day we were there.
The bathrooms were a distance from the play area. There is no way to keep an eye on one while taking another to the bathroom. 
The large structure is high, so probably not for every mom and kid. 
There is not a lot of shade on hot days and the area itself can be windy. 

Directions: Take the 101N, Take exit 132 to the 1 towards Lompoc and Vandenberg AFB. Turn right on 246 near Lompoc. Left on Mission Gate Rd and Purissma Rd back to the 1. The 1 will merge with 135. Stay on the 135 as it veers right. Turn right on Waller Lane and an immediate left on to Orcutt Rd.

Larger Structure (Back)
Larger Structure (Side) 

Larger Structure (Front)

Large Structure Overview

Tire Swing and Car


Walking Paths

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Fall 2018 Snapshot

Note: This was supposed to automatically publish on 12/27/18, but in the crazy holiday season, I never checked. Here it is now as a January bonus!

Life Hack: "Mommy/Daddy Dates"
A couple of years ago my husband and I decided to start a tradition with our kids. Every other week (or thereabouts) we each take a child to dinner, then the following time we switch kids so that we have one-on-one time with each kid every month. It doesn't have to be expensive , often it's Lily's Tacos, Panda Express or whatever Axxess deal sound good. This tradition has been really helpful in transitioning one kid to kindergarten and the other to a new school. It works well since we have 2 kids.

New Product I Love: Trader Joe's Chunky Olive Hummus
I have been trying to do healthy afternoon snacks: peanut butter and apples and such. One of my kids doesn't like hummus which would be a great option. She loves olives however and this has been a great option! My children actually fought over who could hold it/have it closest to them the other day.

Last Book Finished: The Princess and the Goblin
This classic tale inspired the like of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. It follows Princess Irene who has been sent to live in her father's country estate to keep her safe from goblins. When she discovers a mysterious staircase, she meets an old woman who claims to be a grandmother.... or something. Her nurse keeps her out too late and the goblins discover where she is, hatching a plot to kidnap her and force her to marry their prince. We have heard the tale of Curdie whose poor family works in a mine to survive. When he overhears a goblin plot, he must figure out what it means and come to the rescue.

Life Project: Organizing
Having just moved this summer, all the things must be organized into a new space. It is incredible how the physical layout of your space changes the how things are organized. Recently I applied the Konmari method (author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) to my drawers and I am slowly finding the right places for all the stuff. Or not--I am still purging stuff. This year I have made 30 trips to the thrift store to donate more than 75 bags worth of stuff (that doesn't even count all the stuff thrown or given away!). I just finished The Hoarder in You which has some great decluttering and organization tips. This issue of Real Simple on decluttering and organization is on my nightstand to read soon. My decluttering this year started with the #DeclutterLikeaMother challenge with Allie Cassaza. Check it out!