Friday, June 26, 2020

Shoreline Beach

Shoreline Beach is a Mesa beach that is mainly a walking beach. The entrance steps are accessed at the end of Santa Cruz Blvd (just off Shoreline Dr).  It is a narrow stretch of beach, so check the tide charts before going. Park on La Plata (not limited) or an adjacent street in the neighborhood. 

Directions: From 101, take the Carillo St exit. Turn south toward the ocean. Follow the road over the hill which then turns Meigs Rd. Head through the light at Cliff Dr. The road bends and turns into Shoreline Dr. La Plata is on the left across from the park and a wooden arch. The steps are below the wooden arch.

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The walk is short from La Plata. 
It is a good place to socially distance unless the tide is high, but it is busier than most lesser known beaches.
There were cave like places in the rocks that the kids liked.
It is shallow for a long distance out. We hear it is a good tide pool beach (next to Santa Barbara Point). 
There are bathrooms nearby in the park (at the top of the stairs).

Parking is limited on a busy day.
It is less busy than the main Santa Barbara beaches, but you will not have the beach to yourself on a summer day. 
There is a walk to get there and because of the stairs, you wouldn't bring a stroller or wagon with supplies.

Entrance to the Beach


West toward 1000 Steps Beach

East toward Leadbetter Beach

From the base of the cliff

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