Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hans Christian Andersen Park

Over the Thanksgiving break, we headed up to Solvang to visit friends, enjoy the bakery and check out a new park! Hans Christian Andersen Park is just outside the main road in Solvang near the elementary school. The park is large with group areas, tennis courts, an incredible skate park and playground.

The play ground has a 3 story structure over wood chips that is designed for kids aged 5-12. There are two long slides from the top story and one small double slide there is a "rock wall" climbing area as well as two other climbing areas. There is also one regular swing. Note: the park website says there is a second playground next to the skate park, but it appears the play structure has been disassembled.

The park has bathrooms.
The 3 story structure is fun and the slides are very long!
The climbing wall is long rather than high.

The bathrooms are not close to the playground.
This structure is not good for toddlers.

Grassy field by the playground

5-12 play structure 

Shaded group area