Friday, July 31, 2020

More Mesa

More Mesa Beach is a Noleta Beach popular with runners and walkers. The beach is not wide so check the tides before going. The entrance is narrow along the steps and path, so you may need to wear a mask if you want to practice social distancing.

Directions: From 101, take the Turnpike exit. Turn south toward the ocean. Turn left onto Hollister Ave and continue to Puente Dr. Park on Puente Dr at Mockingbird Lane. There is no parking on Mockingbird Lane, so walk up the hill to the More Mesa path. Head down the path straight from the end of Mockingbird Lane. The steps down to the beach are .8 miles from Puente Dr. (Alternately it looks like walking in from Via Roblado from Las Palmas and Via Bendita is shorter, but I haven't been there to confirm parking.)

It was easy to socially distance here in every spot except the path down. 
It might be easy to walk into the private Hope Ranch Beach from here.

This beach is known for being a nude beach. We didn't notice that close to the steps, but have heard the space to the right is clothing optional and the space to the left is not.
The dirt and wood steps down to the beach are a bit treacherous for kids. 
The walk to the beach and back is close to a mile and a half, so it is a bit long if you are carrying beach supplies. 
There are no bathrooms. 
The path is the hardest place to socially distance and you may want to wear a mask here even if you don't wear one out in nature. 

To the East toward Hope Ranch Beach 

To the West toward Goleta Beach (a long ways away)

Steps up to the bluff
Path down to the beach

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