Monday, June 14, 2021

Goleta Valley Library

This is post 250, y'all! I am amazed I still have ideas after this long. 😉

**This post was written pre-COVID and has been updated as much as possible. 

The Goleta Valley Library is recently separated from the Santa Barbara with new vision and leadership. 
NON-COVID: In summer, enjoy the summer reading program and during the school year, events are planned for the weekend and after school. Before COVID, younger kids love the blocks, legos, puzzles, puppet theater and older kids love the games on the computers as well as the teen area.
COVID: The Goleta library is open for sidewalk service Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 4pm and it will be open for up to 25 patrons inside for browsing for books, self-checkout as well as computer use or books for sale. Patrons are let in on the hour 20 minutes after, and 40 minutes after and can browse for up to 15 minutes. They also provide grab n go  bags, crafts and online opportunities

Why it is a favorite: Reading to the dogs (at age 6), train table (at age 3) and events 

Location: 500 N Fairview Avenue in Goleta

Directions: Take 101 to the Fairview Ave. off ramp. Turn toward the mountains and continue about .5 mile. It will be on the right.

Time Spent: 10 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on events and kids

Cost: Free

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11am-4pm for pick up

Parking: The lot at the library is small, but you can park at the church next door (to the right) at the back of their parking lot.

Nearby: Fairview Farms and Stow Grove Park

More info:

Special Events: There are many kid friendly monthly events listed on their website or Facebook page, especially during summer.

Kid Quotes: "Michael Katz and story tellers go there and they do crafts and experiments." 

Book and Storytime Area

Train Table and Building Blocks

Computer Areas 

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