Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Bus or Trolley Adventures

**Most of this post was written pre-COVID and I have tried to update it to the current conditions as much as possible. We might make it on a bus adventure this summer, but we might wait too. 

For several years now we have gone on "Bus Adventures." We pick a destination, I check the schedule and make a plan. When they were little we kept it pretty simple (also we lived in a place where the bus had an inconsistent schedule). Example: we got on the bus at the Target parking lot, took the bus down Hollister Ave to Goleta Coffee Co. (or La Cumbre Plaza to eat lunch) to get a fun snack/treat and took the bus back. Or we dropped off the car for service on S. Kellogg Ave and took the same bus to Target to buy a present for a birthday party. The kids LOVE the bus and ask when we can go on the next bus adventure. It even makes going to the MOXI or the zoo extra exciting.  Masks are still required on public transportation even after June 15.

We also sometimes ride the trolley down State St or along Cabrillo Blvd just to enjoy the ride. The trolleys unfortunately are not running right now. Kids under 5/45 inches tall ride free, but sometimes they still don't charge for older kids.  Everyone else is  $1.75 for the bus and 50 cents for the trolleys.

Why it is a favorite: "We get to see new places and the back of the bus is so cool to sit in." 
Where its located: Various locations in town
Directions: Varies
Time Spent: 20 minutes through adventures for the whole day when added to other things
Cost: $1.75 per person one way and 50 cents per person one way
Hours: Varies by route see schedule
Parking: N/A
Nearby: The whole town (almost)
More info:
Kid Quotes: "Mama, can we go on a bus adventure again?" --6 year old



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