Monday, June 29, 2015

Stow Grove

Stow Grove is a Goleta park with a baseball and soccer field as well as a play area for a wide range of ages. It includes 2 toddler swings, 4 regular swings, a 5-12 year old play structure with 4 slides, 3 climbing areas, wheels, a sliding bar, monkey bars, and climbing rings over sand.
Directions: Take 101N to Los Carneros Ave. Turn right onto Los Carneros and right again onto Cathedral Oaks Rd. Turn right onto La Patera Rd and the parking lot will be on your left. The playground is visible from the parking lot.

This park is rarely overcrowded.
There is play equipment for bigger and smaller kids.
Parking and getting to it are easy.
The climbing equipment is great.
There is sand for digging (a plus for my kids anyway).
There are bathrooms in the redwood forest side on the park.

No bathrooms on the playground side (but there is a portapotty).
The park is open to the street.
The play structure is high in a few places and not the best for little kids.

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