Monday, July 17, 2017

More Mesa

More Mesa is the bluff accessible from South Patterson after it passes through the farm land becoming Shoreline Dr and evnetually Orchid Dr. There are 300 acres of walking trails and undeveloped land. The land may be devolped in the future and you can follow preservation efforts. The path past the sign marked More Mesa is overgrown, but if you follow the street up a short walk, there is an easier entrance. The bluffs overlook the ocean, so beware of getting too close. The beach below is notorious for being a nude beach.

Directions: From the 101, turn towards the ocean (south) and follow South Patterson Ave as it turns east, becoming Shoreline Dr, then south again becoming Orchid Drive. Park along the road before Orchid Dr and follow the path from there or walk up the road to enter through the gate.

As with many of our open spaces there are many entrances!

Trail Rating: Easy
Distance: 2.8 mi for a loop, but shorter loops are available. The closest path to the ocean is about .5 miles.
Time: 1 hour
Nearby Attractions: Rhoads Park and University Circle Park

More Information:

Overgrown path next to the sign
Path up the street from parking

Alternate entrance
Bluffs overlook the ocean

Dirt trials

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