Thursday, June 11, 2020

Spring Snapshot 2020

Life Hack: Like many, I have been doing more gardening in these COVID-19 days. It started with this video on how to increase your basil supply (so successful, it is much healthier than the original plant) and quickly expanded to mint (cut short by a cute caterpillar) and even tried carrots (successful, but they don't grow into new carrots). 

New Product I Love: A friend recommended the book Something Happened in Our Town as a way to continue to discuss racial injustice with our kids. It is a picture book format and follows two children (one black, one white) as they process a police shooting that happens in their town. Although it is a picture book, I shared with my older daughter (almost 10), but I am still deciding when to share with my 6 year old. (I would also highly recommend the book Raising White Kids if this is a topic you want to approach more intentionally with your kids.) 

Last Book I Finished: Small Great Things  5 stars. This book is so good and such a timely read. Three lives intersect when a Black nurse (Ruth) cares for an infant and is then reassign at the preference of the parents. When the baby dies, the nurse is fired, arrested and charged with murder. The public defender (Kennedy) is well meaning, but doesn't understand or take Ruth's life experience seriously.  The father of the child (Turk) uses the child's death as a rally cry for the White Supremicist cause. When Kennedy tries to convince Ruth that making the case about race is the wrong strategy, the two women must struggle to each understand where the other is coming from to win the trial to save Ruth's life and maybe help each other understand life for another person.

Life Project: Educating myself in being Anti-Racist
                     Teaching my kids life skills like cooking and doing more chores

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