Saturday, October 10, 2015

Summer of the Parks Reflections

Creek Walking at Los Robles Park
Reflections on Summer of the Parks:

Parks visited? 45. Small neighborhood parks? 7. Parks without playgrounds? 52 (some just a drive by) "Summer" months: May-September.

So the summer of the parks has ended. What did we learn from this quest?

It was fun to have a goal for the summer. Although we started thinking about this before reading this blog, we were definitely encouraged to make it a "quest" after reading it: MOPS Make 2015 the Summer of Something.

There are places to discover everywhere. Every time I thought we were almost done with the list someone mentioned a new park or playground I had not found yet! We are still visiting some of the other nearby parks and open spaces.

This has expanded our sense of adventure and our willingness to set off with a couple balls and a blanket for a picnic. My girls look out for parks and little open spaces now, yelling "Park!" when they see one. When asked her favorite part of the day, my 2 year old now says either "pawk" or "paygown" whether we have been to one or not!

I needed this. It was an intense summer of parenting and having a goal to work towards made it better.

When I asked my 5 year old why it was good, she thought and thought, then said, "we got a lot of exercise?"

So what is next summer's quest? Some ideas that have been percolating in my brain...
* Day trips from SB including some we did this summer.
* Visiting all the beaches
* SB area Museums (probably a quest for a few years from now) 
* Crafts (this is almost comical since I am SO not crafty, but I have months to prepare)

We are taking suggestions. :)

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