Friday, October 2, 2015

Goleta Open Spaces

Our quest to find new parks took us to many beautiful open spaces and parks without playgrounds! These are the names and locations as best we could tell (some parks have different names/locations depending on the list you are looking at).

Brandon Open Space (Brandon and Cathedral Oaks)
Campus Glen (part of the Butterfly Preserve at the end of Coronado)

Coronado Butterfly Preserve (off the middle of Coronado)

Covington Walkway (on Camino Venturoso)
Goleta Slough Ecological Preserve (a large preserve surrounding the airport--off Los Carneros)

Koarts Open Space (at the end of Brandon past Cathedral Oaks)
La Goleta Open Space (between La Goleta and Cathedral Oaks)
Lake Los Carneros (between Covington and Calle Real at La Patera or Los Carneros)
Oro Verde Open Space (at Cambridge and Via Solerno)
Sperling Perserve (Open Space across from Ellwood School near Butterfly Preserve)
Stonebridge Pathway (off Cathedral Oaks near Carlo/Stow Canyon Open Space)
Stow Canyon Open Space (Tennis Courts at Stow Canyon near Hastings)
University Village Path (along waterway near Georgetown)
Winchester Open Space I (along Calle Real at 7000 Calle Real)

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