Monday, October 5, 2015

Isla Vista Parks and Open Spaces

Our quest to find new parks took us to many beautiful open spaces and parks without playgrounds! These are the names and locations as best we could tell (some parks have different names/locations depending on the list you are looking at county vs. IV Parks and Rec).

Camino Corto Open Space (along the west side of Camino Corto)
Camino Pescadero Park (in Isla Vista at Camino Pescadero at Del Playa)
Del Playa Open Space (in Isla Vista off Del Playa near Camino Lindo)

Del Sol Preserve (in Isla Vista along the east side of Camino Corto)
Gaffney Park (on Del Playa near Camino Corto)
Greek Park (in Isla Vista at Del Norte and Sevogia)
Isla Vista Park (also called Sea Lookout Park or Gaffney Park?)
Kid's Trail (in Isla Vista off Tierra de Fortuna)
Little Acorn Park (on Isla Vista at Embarcadero del Mar -- south side)
Pardall Gardens (on Pardall near Embarcadero del Norte)

Pelican Park (on Del Playa near El Embarcadero)
People's Park (the open area along Embarcadero Hall)
Perfect Park (on the Embarcadero Loop at El Embarcadero)

Rottapel Park (on Del Playa near Sea Lookout Park)

Sea Lookout Park (on Del Playa at Camino Corto)
Sueño Orchard (on Sueño near Camino del Sur)

Tipi Village (open space on one side of Estero Park)

Trigo-Pasado Park (between Trigo and Pasado near Camino Pescadero)
Walter Capps Park (on Del Playa near Camino del Sur)

Window to the Sea Park (on Del Playa near Camino del Sur)

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