Wednesday, April 27, 2022

New STEM Summer Camp

Are you still looking for a great camp for your kids this summer? Well, a reader reached out to connect me with Charlie Freund who is a local Carpinteria dad starting a new STEM camp at UCSB this summer. Charlie had 13 years of experience operating tech camps before COVID shut things down and had an opportunity to pause to think about what would make a great camp. He answered all my questions and offered a discount to readers for $75 off a week of camp! (See below)

Goleta Mom: What made you want to start a new camp and specifically a STEM camp?

"I had 13 summers of operating tech camps until COVID came. This gave me the chance to start something new and wanted to provide kids with more hands-on, exploratory STEM camps. I felt that after having my two kids home for remote learning, they would benefit from group projects, challenges, and failure. It feels like the kids lost out on some grit and resilience due to being in the house with parents so much."

Goleta Mom: What kinds of projects will it feature?

"We have a class where the kids will design their own Virtual Reality Escape Room! Lego Education EV3 Robotics to have races, maze escapes, and Sumo Battles! Create your own light up pins and fashion! Develop motion sensor intruder alarms!"

Goleta Mom: Is there something that makes your camp unique?

"It’s a partnership with STEM Center USA, founded by Melissa and Lavanya Jawaharlal! These two sisters are engineers who have built the curriculum and trained the staff to deliver STEM experiences that ignite passion, creativity, and community in each camp. US Sports Camp is the platform I’m using to take registrations and handle camp administration since it is a 47 year veteran in providing amazing summer camps for youth!"

Goleta Mom: What weeks does the camp run?

"July 11 – August 5, Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm (or there are Half-Day options of 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm)."

Goleta Mom: What ages is the camp for?

"6-17, broken down into classes in different rooms for tighter age groups"

Goleta Mom: Where will the camp meet?

"At UCSB! And eat lunch in De la Guerra!" (Note: Full day only)

Goleta Mom: What kind of ratio is there (student to adult)?

"The student to adult ratio will be very amenable to getting attention to each kid, it will vary based on the size of each class, but wouldn’t exceed 10:1."

Goleta Mom: How do we contact you with questions or to sign up?

"To sign up, go to: For questions, you can call US Sports Camps at 800-433-6060 or email

Goleta Mom: Is there anything else that you would want me to share?

"Readers can use this special discount code for savings through May 30: GETSTEM22 for $75 off Full- and Half-Day Camps.
This looks like a super fun new camp option for our kids!

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