Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Andamar Park

Andamar Park got a face lift and it got two thumbs up from my kids. The old park had toddler and 2 regular swings as well as a slide over sand. The new park has large play structure with a wide variety of features over rubber mat. There is a big kid (5-12) play structure and a toddler (2-5) play structure. The big structure has 3 climbing areas, monkey rings, 2 slides and a three story tower. The little structure has 2 slides, 2 climbing places and a tunnel. There is also a merry-go-round and a unique set of 4 swings where kids can swing together or you can swing with your toddler.

 Favorites: The three story tower (11 year old's favorite), merry-go-round (8 year old) and shaded benches (mom)  

Quote: "Mom, you should add this to your list of parks for big kids!" (11 year old) 

This one is tricky to find because it is set back from the road. The entrances are located off Cathedral Oaks (near 5761) and Arundel Rd (near 670).

There is a large variety of things that could entertain for a long time.
The tower is unique and loved by a large range of ages.
The merry-go-round is a true one and goes faster than most around here.
There are shaded places for the parents to sit.
The swings are unique too. One is a tetter-totter type and one has a spot for mom/sibling to swing with a toddler!

There are no bathrooms, not even a port-a-potty.
There are no water fountains.
Be aware: This is definitely a dog park where people let their dogs roam off leash. 


Little Kids Back

Little Kids Front

Big Kids Back

Big Kids Side

Big Kids Front

Toddler Partner Swing


Shaded Benches


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