Monday, July 12, 2021

Hope Ranch Volcano

Between Hope Ranch Beach and Arroyo Burro Beach lies an active volcanic area. It isn't steam like the activity in Yellowstone or lava flow like in Hawaii. It is a solfatara, or “fire well” gaps in the rock where gas and steam seep up where is can catch fire. It was first recorded in 1784 and often it is just a smokey smolder. Hope Ranch locals say it smells like someone is tarring their roof on the particularly active days and that the smell carries a mile inland. Fire crews have to put out brush fires it causes on occasion including the day after we were there!  

Why it is a favorite: steam rising up out of the hill spontaneously!

Location: 1.3 miles away from Arroyo Burro Beach (on a map it is adjacent to Alisa Lane) or much shorter with Hope Ranch Beach access. It is a long walk, but we have friends who take bikes to ride to it. 

Directions: From the entrance to Arroyo Burro Beach, head west toward Hope Ranch Beach (right) for 1.3 miles (or more if you meander like my kids).  

Time Spent: 1-2 hours depending kids and beach play

Cost: Free 

Hours: 8am-Sunset 

Parking: Arroyo Burro has 2 free parking lots with lots of spaces. It does fill up and you can park across the street on Alan Road. 

Nearby: Arroyo Burro Beach, Hope Ranch Beach, Douglas Preserve

More info: Arroyo Burro Beach, recent fire at the volcano, and historical info about it

Kid Quotes: "The steam was cool." 10 year old  

I couldn't capture a great picture, but here is one from the Independent taken by Hugh Margerum.

Hope Ranch Volcano taken by Hugh Margerum



Beach House (just before the volcano)

Cliff before Hope Ranch Beach (just after the volcano)

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