Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Airplanes Taking Off and Landing


My kids (especially when they were a bit younger) loved to watch the airplanes take off and land at the Santa Barbara Airport. We eventually found a few locations where we loved to view the planes. Of course our airport isn't really that busy, so you do have to be patient. A picnic is a great way to pass the time while watching the planes. 

Why it is a favorite: Airplanes are cool.  

1. Our favorite location is the parking lot at Deckers. They have interesting chairs that we enjoy after hours and on weekends. It is located at the corner of Los Carneros and Hollister Ave. The cool chairs are by parking lot side of the middle of the 3 buildings.

Deckers Chairs are a hit.

2. Deckers Park has the best bird's eye view of the planes taking off and landing. It also has about one mile in paths around the park. It is located overlooking Deckers on Coromar Dr


View from the park

Deckers Park

3. The next best (and little known spot) for watching the planes is a no name parking lot at the intersection at the end of the 217 exit to Sandspit Road where Moffett Place turns into Sandspit Road. The smaller planes are most visible here. 

No Name Lot

Sign at 217 off ramp

4. WWII Memorial/Cell Phone Lot has a decent view of planes preparing to take off. It is located at the first entrance to the airport with a quick right at the first lot.  

WWII History at SB Airport

Sign for the Cell Lot

WWII Lot View

WWII Memorial

Directions: see above

Time Spent: 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on day and kids

Cost: Free 

Hours: Varies

Parking: parking is available at all these locations. 

Nearby: Goleta Beach, Lake Los Carneros, Deckers Park 

More info: Santa Barbara Airport

Kid Quotes: "I like the spinning chairs." 10 year old  "Planes are cool." 7 year old

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