Monday, July 8, 2019

Santa Maria Discovery Museum

The Santa Maria Discovery Museum is a kid's museum. Space exhibits include a space shuttle you can "drive", a climbing wall and a launch panel.  There are western themed and fire fighter themed dress up. The kitchen provides a place to "make food." The catching air exhibits sends yarn balls through (like the MOXI). A produce truck has a slide. There is a tree house reading area as well as a creation space with art supplies, Legos and more.  Water themed exhibits include a boat you can climb on and a shipwreck. A money station has play money to handle and a bank teller area. A camp fire/ranch area has a bull to ride, a campfire and branding logos. Other highlight were a piano to play when stepping on the keys, a word wall to make silly sentences, planting station, fishing station, tractor to climb, and simple machines to move. A tot area is there for the very littlest kids. Depending on the how the exhibits change, this might be better for the 6 and under crowd.

Favorites: display on the types of poop splatter (8 year old), kitchen area and dress up (5 year old), and climbing wall (all)

Hours: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday, Sunday 12pm-4pm, closed Monday
Time: 1 hour to 90 minutes
Price: Adults $6/Kids $6 (50% off if you have a MOXI membership)
Membership:$100 a year for a basic family membership
Parking: There is a free lot next to the museum.
Location: The museum is located in Santa Maria off the Stowell Rd/exit 170 (about 1 hour drive).
More Info:
Nearby: Waller Park 

Special Events: Farm to Table event in September, calendar of events

Simple Machines

Launch Station

Climbing Wall

Lego Fun

Bank and Money Station

Fire fighting

Kitchen area

Campfire/Cowboy&girl space


Maker space

Arts and crafts station




Catching air


Bank teller

Tot space

Tar pits digging

Kitchen space

Branding logos

Planting Station

Barn Music

Poop and Splatter Exhibit

Combining colors

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