Monday, July 29, 2019

Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara is a small museum that runs 3 exhibits a year, each running for about 14 weeks. (The museum is not open in between exhibits.) We went during the recent "Quilts, Cigarettes and Dirt" exhibit by James Benning. The exhibits included boxes of soil, portraits and film. although the museum staff was friendly, this was not an exhibit that was kid friendly (but another exhibit might be). The next exhibition is ceramic vessels/craters by Brian Rochefort beginning August 1, 2019.

Favorites: Dirt in boxes showing soil from locations in Alabama (5 year old) and theater showing a film of the artists students' faces (8 year old).

Hours: Only open during exhibits. Wednesday - Saturday 11am-5pm, Sunday:Noon - 5 pm
Time: 15 minutes
Price: Everyone $5 (students are free with ID). Thursdays are free.
Membership: Starts at $45 (no family option)
Parking: The public garage associated with Paseo Nuevo has 75 minutes are free and the charge is $1.50 for each hour after.
Location: The museum is located on the second floor of the Paseo Nuevo mall above Eureka!
More Information:

Special Events: Some exhibits include an art lab that is kid friendly.

Louisiana Soil with location printed on the box

Portrait section of the exhibit

Entryway included a biography and description of the artist's work

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