Monday, July 15, 2019

Santa Barbara Sea Center

** Updated July 2021** The museum requires masks and is a one way only format, but is open regular hours!

The Sea Center is a fun, little museum on the wharf. The bottom floor has touch tanks with sea urchins, sea stars, sharks and sea slugs. There is a sea deck where a bucket is lowered into the ocean and children can sift through the contents to look at them under the microscope. Side exhibits include how a water shed works, shark development, and wave tank. The upstairs has a movie theater, dark room with jellies and other creatures, reading corner, whale exhibit, puppet theater and sustainable seafood exhibit (there is often another changing exhibit too). The museum is small but it is a fun hour especially if you have a museum membership.

Favorites: Puppet Theater (5 year old), dark room with jellies (8 year old) and touch tanks (all)

Hours: 10am-5pm daily except Thanksgiving Christmas and New Year's eve/day. 
Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Price: Adults $9/Kids $7
Membership: Start at $99 for a basic family membership (includes the Natural History Museum)
Parking: Park is free for 90 minutes on the wharf. It is $2.50 an hour after that.
Location: The museum is located on the Santa Barbra pier.
More Information:
Nearby: Maritime MuseumLos BaƱos Park and Pool,

Special Events: Free Sundays through the school year, World Ocean Day (June), Mermaid and Buccaneer Day (August)

Tunnel to "see in" the ocean

Touch Tank!

Touch Tank 2

Shark Development 

Wave Tank

Sifting through sea sludge



"Walking through" jellies

Whale Exhibit

Puppet Theater 

Sustainable Sea Food

Movie Theater

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