Friday, June 1, 2018

Truly Toddler Friendly Parks

Bath Street Pocket Park
When I first started my park quest, I had a 1.5 year old climber. When she learned to walk, she went from walking to running to climbing faster than her coordination could keep up. So there were certain parks we went to and left very quickly for my sanity. Eventually as an off site PEP coordinator, I learned which parks were good for my kid and early toddlers in general. Here are some I would recommend for those early walking days.

Santa Barbara
Bath Street Pocket Park
Eastside Neighborhood Park
Elings Park (Upper)
Escondido Park
Hidden Valley Park
Hilda McIntyre Ray Park
Los BaƱos del Mar
Mackenzie Park
Shoreline Park
Willowglen Park

Santa Barbara County
Manning Park (Montecito)
Rhoads Open Space

Evergreen Open Space
Tierra de Fortuna

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