Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Checklist

Hendry's Beach
**Updated July 2019**
A few summers ago, I created a list of summer activities to do. It isn't really a do-all kind of list, but a list of ideas so that we don't get stuck in a rut. Here is our updated list with a few new items. Of course camping and a road trip are also on our list. Let me know in the comments or on Facebook if you have other ideas. we love to try new things.

Santa Barbara and Goleta:
Explore a park *
Ride the bus *
Ride the trolley along State St or Cabrillo Blvd *
Complete Summer Reading Program Santa Barbara Goleta and the Valley *
Concert at Stow House (Tuesdays July/August)*
Concert at Chase Palm Park (Thursdays in July)*
Swim at Oak Park Pool *
Swim at Los Banos Pool *
Enjoy the Beach  *
Exploring tidepools
Hunting for seashells and seaglass
Take a Hike *
Bowl at Zodos *
Explore the Farmers Market *
Go to the Santa Barbara Zoo
Go to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Got to the Sea Center
Go to the Maritime Museum
Go to the Art Museum
Ride the train at the South Coast Railroad Museum *
Go to the MOXI
Explore the Botanic Gardens
Tuesday Morning Movies

Further Away:
Padaro Beach Grill
Carpinteria Seal Sanctuary
Strawberry Picking at the Farmstead
Blueberry picking Santa Barbara Blueberries
Play at Lake Casitas Water Park
Water park at Ventura Community Park
Ventura Visitor Center and down to the beach/pier *
Splash Pad at The Collection
Quicksilver Ranch (Miniature Horses) *
Sunnyfields Park *
Picking apples
Lompoc Aquatic Center

* Free or Inexpensive

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