Monday, June 5, 2017

San Antonio Creek Trail

**2021 Update: We found a rusty abandoned car toward the end of this trail!! If you are at the 154 turn out, it is visible looking down :)**

Tucker's Grove is a favorite Santa Barbara Park, but on the far end of the park is Kiwani's Meadow. Here there is a dog park, bathrooms, a slide and 2 swings. The trail head for the San Antonio Creek Trail is located off this parking lot. The trail is shady most of the way. It crosses the creek several times for some fun water play at the right time of year. We have done this trail several times and set a time limit to turn around just for the nature experience. This past time we made it all the way up to 154 (at Rancho Vista del Mundo). You could have someone drop you off at the top and pick up at the bottom for an easier hiking experience (1.8 miles one way downhill). Or you can start at the top of Via Chaparral for the 1 mile connector to the top pf the trail at 154 and follow it down to Tucker's Grove (2.8 miles one way).

Directions: Take the 101 N from Santa Barbara. Exit Turnpike Rd. Turn right and continue to the end of the road. Follow the Tucker's Grove parking lot all the way to the end. The trail head is mid-way through the back parking lot on the mountain side.

Trail Rating: Easy, moderate for the littles
Distance: 3.6 miles to 154 (round trip) or 2.4 miles (round trip) to the concrete wall
Time: 2 hours with my kids
Nearby attractions: Tucker's Grove Playground, other Tucker's Grove Trails and In N Out

More information:

Path below the Wall

Trail at the Concrete Wall

Path above the concrete wall

154 turnout

154 at the top Vista del Mundo across the way

Creek Crossings


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