Monday, June 26, 2017

Elings Park--Veteran's Memorial Walk

Elings Park has many trails that criss-cross the southern end of the park for bikes and hikers. On the northern end is an easy, paved path of under half a mile. There are plaques by year of the people from Santa Barbara County who died in the Vietnam War. Towards the end, there is a sitting area with a large globe with plaques listing all the deaths from Santa Barbara in all wars (beginning with the Civil War). It made for great conversation with my 6 year old.

As a side note, my husband and I were trying to figure out what to do on Memorial Day to remember that many people have given their lives to ensure freedom for our country. Walking here and talking about the names or leaving flags, feels like a fitting remembrance.

Directions; Take to 101 to the Las Positas Rd off ramp. Turn toward the ocean and follow Las Positas Rd. After about 7 miles, turn left into the park onto Jerry Harwin Parkway. Follow the road to the upper parking lot and find a small road to the left (George Bliss Dr). The path is to the left at the beginning of the parking lot.

Trail Rating: Easy
Distance: . 7 miles (with the return through Godric Grove)
Time:20 minutes
Nearby attractions: Elings Park Playground, and Hendry's Beach

More information:

Paved trail

Yearly Plaque

Terrace of Remembrance

Desk Area


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