Monday, January 11, 2016

Tomol Interpretive Playground

Tomol Interpretive Play Area is a unique play area with a native American theme. There are 4 slides, climbing areas (rocks and animals), a canoe (tomol), and huts. It is located in Carpinteria in the 300 block of Linden Ave next to Carpinteria State Beach Park.

It is a great park for imaginative play!
There is a roller side.
There are simple bathrooms in the adjacent Carpinteria State Beach Park.

For the Goletans and Santa Barbarians, it is a drive.
The Carpinteria State Beach Park gets very muddy after a rain.

Huts and Canoe

Bridge and Climbing Rock

Animals and benches


Majestic Eagle (not for climbing on)
Birds playing in the stream after the rain
Carpinteria State Beach Park

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