Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tecolote Playground

Tecolote Playground is a well maintained neighborhood playground in north (west, really) Goleta. There is a 5-12 year playground over wood chips with 4 slides, monkey bars, slide bar, bridge, steering wheels and 3 climbing areas. there are also toddler swings, regular swings and 2 riding toys. Next to the playground is an open green area, walking paths, benches and a picnic table. It is located off Calle Real (beyond Winchester Canyon and Cathedral Oaks). Map.

There is a a lot of equipment here for a neighborhood park.
It is clean and well maintained.
There are 2 steering wheels (my 2 girls were excited they could both steer).
The playground is made of recycled materials!

There are no bathrooms.
This is a bit out of the way for many folks.
There are no signs stating it is private, but sometimes neighborhood parks essentially are.

Park Overview

Playground Overview
Playground Sideview
Monkey Bars and Slide Bar
Riding Toys

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