Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pocket Libraries

Recently I have noticed small boxes in yards that are free libraries. These pocket libraries often are a take one, leave one system. The former librarian in me loves this and I need to make one some day.... But until I have a yard and location that would be good for it, I will enjoy other people's pocket libraries. While there is a map on Little Free Library, I went on a quest to find some in Santa Barbara and Goleta. Thanks to my Facebook Friends it is easy to generate a list (which had some locations not on the map). We needed to clean out some books anyway.

Pocket Library List by Address
Goleta (93117)
- 226 Ancona Dr, Goleta (Bella Vista neighborhood)
- 66 Brandon Dr, Goleta (Brandon neighborhood)
* 6072 Paseo Palmilla (La Goleta area)
* 6822 Phelps Rd (next to apartment building clubhouse)
* 6169 Stow Canyon Rd, Goleta (Goleta Valley JH area)
* 530 Windsor Ave (Goleta Valley JH area)
* 644 Windsor Ave (Goleta Valley JH area)

Isla Vista 93117
* 798 Camino del Sur, Children's Park, Isla Vista (Corner of Picasso and Camino del Sur) 
* 889 Camino del Sur, at the St George Family Youth Center
* 6586 Picasso
* 6575 Sevilla

Noleta (93111, 93110)
- 313 Arroyo Rd (approximately), Santa Barbara (Vieja Valley neighborhood)
* 5245 Califia (on Gwyne Rd)
* 1304 Camino Rio Verde, Santa Barbara (Noleta)
* 740 Cieniguitas Rd (on apartment grounds)
* 5545 Longfellow Rd (Mountain View area) 

Santa Barbara 93105 
- 3308 Calle Fresno, Santa Barbara (San Roque area)
- 687 Grove Lane, Santa Barbara (Monte Vista area)
- 3655 Montalvo Way, Santa Barbara (Hidden Valley area)
* 2928 Paseo del Refugio
* 302 Santa Anita

Santa Barbara 93103, 93108
* 624 Chelham Way
* 115 La Vista Grande

Santa Barbara, 93101
- 1096 W Pedregosa St (approximately), Santa Barbara (Westside)
* 517 Laguna St
* Hoarny Toad Activewear E Mason
- 521 Santa Barbara St 

* From the Little Free Library List
- Community Sourced List

Anacona Dr, Goleta

Brandon Dr, Goleta
Paseo Palmilla, Goleta
Phelps Rd, Goleta

Stow Canyon Rd, Goleta

Windsor Ave, Goleta

Windsor Ave, Goleta

Camino del Sur, Isla Vista

Children's Park, Isla Vista 

Seville Rd, Isla Vista

Arroyo Rd, Santa Barbara
Califia Way, Santa Barbara
Camino Rio Verde, Santa Barbara
Cieniguitas Rd, Santa Barbara

Longfellow Rd, Santa Barbara
Calle Fresno, Santa Barbara
Grove Lane, Santa Barbara
Montalvo Way, Santa Barbara
Paseo del Refugio, Santa Barbara
Santa Anita Rd, Santa Barbara
Chelham Way, Santa Barbara
La Vista Grande, Santa Barbara
Laguna St, Santa Barbara
E Mason

Pedregosa St, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara St

Such a great house! The Vera Cruz House


  1. Just discovered your blog through Nextdoor. Love it! Is there a way to subscribe?
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  2. Wonderful! There is a follow option (to the right on the website). Also I post most of the blog posts on Goleta Mom (Facebook).