Monday, August 9, 2021

SB Picnic Spots


Santa Barbara has so many beautiful spots. You could picnic in almost any park or beach location and have a great view. One tradition we have is having a picnic with the kids on our anniversary or anniversary of our first date. My kids love asking us questions about the first date/wedding/first kiss and since all those dates fall in the summer, it is a great time for a picnic. I also friend-sourced this one. 

1. The Mission Rose Garden is a classic choice. The view of the Mission and the Spanish architecture around is classic. 

Rose Garden with the Spanish Architecture on display

Rose Garden

2. The Courthouse is one of our favorite spots. Any spot in the block would be good, but we like the grass above the Sunken Gardens. 


Sunken Gardens

3. Alice Keck Park is picturesque with the pond and the gazebo. It is easy to spread a blanket on the grass or find a bench to picnic on.  


Duck Pond

4. Stow House is another of our favorites. The house and lawn create a beautiful spot. When there is music in the summer it is especially fun to linger.

5. You absolutely can't beat the view of Franchesci Park on the Riviera. On a clear day, you can see all the way down to the water.  

Picnic tables

Franchesci View 

6. Chase Palm Park is another great spot with a grassy field for picnic blankets. With the beach across the street, the view is wonderful. 

Chase Palm Park Pond

 What is your favorite spot for a picnic? I would love to hear below or on social media! 

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