Monday, May 31, 2021

Kid's Choice

I know a few of you have been wondering what the 2021 quest is and it is ...... Kid's Choice Awards! Every year my kid's make a list of the things they want to do over summer and I try to make them happen as the summer goes on. Two years ago I kept track of the things they wanted to do (and I will add to the list this summer) and am blogging about the ones worth sharing. Thanks to my friend Jessica for this idea!

Some of the places on the list are ones we have shared before, but I will update them as we do them (like the MOXI). Others are favorites that have never made the blog (the Zoo!?).  Some are little treasures we love in town that we hope you will love too (Fairview Gardens). Unlike other years, I have been writing up some of these during the school year and they are ready to post. 

Disclaimer: Some of the posts were researched and pictures taken before COVID hit, so I have updated as much as possible. (This was my original plan for 2020 for the blog's 5 year anniversary, but COVID.)

Mondays I will share new ideas 
Santa Barbara Zoo
Goleta Library
Santa Barbara Library
Golf N Stuff
Riding a Surrey
Kidaru (Now closed)

Wednesdays I will share little Treasures--things my kids love doing that haven't merited a blog post before now.
Bike Paths
Picnic Spots
Harbor Flag Walk
Concerts in the Park (Not happening 2021)
Tuesday Morning Movies (Not happening 2021)

Fridays I will share some classic favorites such as these, trying to update them! 
Goleta Beach
Hendry's Beach

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