Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Winter 2020 Snapshot

This post was longer in coming because of how crazy the world has been the past month. Surprise crisis schooling and social distancing.

Life Hack: In Box Check Lately I have a scheduled time every week for all the papers. There is a tree worth of paper that enters my house every week and it piles up fast. I have a set time in my calendar to go through all the mail, school forms and whatnot. The goal is to deal with it right then as much as possible and to keep only what is necessary. Take photos and file if needed. More inspiration here. (This system worked great until the past month!)

New Product I Love: Khan Academy Before COVID-19 I was going to share about my favorite gluten free pretzels, but the world has changed a lot in the past few weeks. Khan Academy is the math program we have been using alongside math worksheets, and flash cards. Khan has videos to explain the concepts, then practice and quizzes/tests to show competency. If you were truly homeschooling, you would need to supplement this, but it is great for this strange season. (And it has been helpful to supplement what we are getting from the school.) Other websites we have used DreamboxEpic and Lexia as well as Inner Explorer and GoNoodle.

Last Book I Finished: Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale
We love Shannon Hale over at our house, so when I saw she had written some Pride and Prejudice inspire literature. I had to read it. I love the first one Austenland, but this one I wasn't as crazy about. These aren't serious literature, but for fun.
After Charlotte Kinder's husband leaves her for another woman, she needs some romance that doesn't require blind dates. She books a two week vacation at Austenland and leaves her kids with him. As she meets the Austen characters in residence, not as is as it seems. While there is a pretend mystery to solve, it seems as though a larger mystery that actually needs Charlotte's attention. She seems to be paired with Mr. Mallery, but is he as authentically brooding as he seems? or is he hiding something? And what is Miss Gardenside's ailment if not consumption? Was that actually a dead body she found in the hidden room? Will she find her Mr. Darcy after all? Or will Northanger Abbey mysteries rule her stay?

Life Project: Yard Map I just finished a map of our yard with all the plants labeled so that we can make a plan going forward. I used Google Maps with satellite view to help me.

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