Sunday, March 31, 2019

Winter 2019 Snapshot

Life Hack: Helper for a Day/Hour
Recently one kid did something to the other that could have been truly harmful. After an extended time out (while I thought about an appropriate response), the offender and I chatted about what could have happened and I told her that her consequence was doing all her sister's jobs for the day (setting the table, evening pick up, etc). She had a great attitude about it and I think it was mainly because she had a way to 'make it right" with her sister.

New Product I Love: Contigo Travel Mugs
I drink a lot of cold coffee. When I mentioned this to my friend Donna, she told me that was truly sad, showed me her mug and sent me to Costco. Y'all, my coffee is warm hours later with these! Warning: it can stay too warm for awhile so make sure it is drinking temperature. 

Last Book I Finished: Educated
This memoir was so good, but a difficult read. Tara Westover grew up in a small, heavily Morman community in Idaho. She was "homeschooled" through age 16--this really means she worked on the family farm and for others but had no real education until she decided she needed it. She knew about essential oils, survivalist practices and alternate medical practices, but nothing about history, math or science. Her family itself unravels more and more as the book goes on descending into downright abuse that no one seems capable of acknowledging. As she makes her own way, she must decide how to balance her life that she chooses fits with her life back home. 5 stars.

Life Project: Organizing the Kitchen
One of the areas that was hardest to organize has been the kitchen. Partially this was because it was the only area in both houses that didn't get properly decluttered before we moved. It is also because there a three of us that cook in the kitchen regularly. As I have used it, I realized it needed an overhaul. The Minimalist Kitchen author created a course to walk through her book and it is a gentle, intentional decluttering and reorganizing of your space. SO helpful.

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