Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Spring 2018 Snapshot

* This was my April 2018 post which got derailed by a child.... and bubbles.... and my laptop. Big oops. ( I do try to post at least once a month during the school year and this is my first miss since May 2016!)

Life Hack: Getting Gas
I have chosen a time in my week that is not rushed where I am out and about with my kids, I always get gas at this time every week.  For me it is Sunday morning--the gas station is not busy. This sounds simple, but it means I am almost never rushing to the gas station in a panic and making me late to something else.

New Product I Love: Trader Joe's Facial Wash
I was looking for a mild face wash and this one is awesome. It has tea tree oil which smells amazing and most of the ingredients are natural things I can actually pronounce.

Last Book Finished: Little Paris Bookshop
This was a charming 3.5 star book for me. Jean Perdu runs a unique book shop where has prescribes books like medicine for the people who visit his boat on the Seine shop. His success hides the secret that he is hiding from his life and emotions. When a new friend forces him to read an old letter. He sets off on a journey to find answers from long ago. His journey gathers new friends and healing from old wounds.

Life Project: Decluttering
We have a move coming up. I started the year doing the 30 day #declutterlikeamother challenge with Allie Casazza. It turned into 90 days with 15 trips to the thrift store and 36 grocery bags donated (I didn't even attempt to keep track of trash.) It has been amazing. I don't talk to my stuff like Marie Kondo, but it has clarified what I need and what I don't and will for sure make it easier to move in a couple months.

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