Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Best Parks with Outdoorsy Play Areas

Rock Climbing at Rocky Nook Park
We revisited Rocky Nook park a few weeks back and enjoyed the open natural space. It got me thinking about parks with natural open space where my kids spend more time in nature than on the playground. Of course, I need to say beware of poison oak and watch your kids as they play in the creek. There are lots of open spaces that have great natural areas, but here are a few of my favorite parks.

If I ranked them, the top three are pretty much tied...
1. Stevens Park
2. Rocky Nook Park
3. Tucker's Grove Park
4. La Mesa Park
5. Bella Vista Park

These other parks have some nature area that my kids have been occupied with for some time.
6. San Miguel Open Space
7. Santa Barbara Shores 
8. Hidden Valley Park
9. Willowglen Park
10. Oak Park

Natural trails
Creeks to explore

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