Monday, September 26, 2016

40 Year Bucket List Update

Pinterest is a wealth of 40 memes.

1. Finish losing 40 pounds *11 pounds to go -- September 30

2. Run 400 miles this year (2016) * 380 miles on September 30--on track for 500 miles!

3. Run a 10k/6.2 mi (Goleta Lemon Run--9/18/2016)

Before the Lemon Run!
Misty Run!
The Final Stretch!

4. Complete a triathlon (Carpinteria Sprint Triathlon--9/25/2016)
               0.5k Swim, 10 mike ride and 5k (3.1 mi) run
Ready to go!
All set up.
Leaving the water
End of the bike ride
End of the run and race
5. Participate in a promise walk/run (San Diego Promise Walk--5/20/2016)
Family Promise Walk
6. 40 days of buying no new things (2/10/2016-3/27/2016)
First purchase back

7. Give away 40 things (February/March 2016)
Over 40 books given away in pocket libraries 
Over 40 items of clothes plus other stuff
8. Try 40 new recipes Post here

9. Read 40 books (41 books--October 2016) Check out the whole list on Goodreads!

10. Memorize 40 verses (12 verses -- behind on this one unless you include Seeds songs!)

11. Learn to French braid hair

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