Friday, September 4, 2015

Other Goleta Neighborhood Parks

We discovered some other small neighborhood parks on our quest to check out all the locations on this map of parks and open spaces in Goleta and from recommendations from friends

Armstrong Open Space is located off Pacific Oaks Rd in the 7000 block of Armstrong Rd. There is a slide and some swings.

Good Climbing Tree


Swings at Armstrong Open Space
Winchester Open Space II is located at the end of Warwick Place or on Calle Real Rd in the 7000 block . There are some swings.

Swings at Winchester Open Space II

This little park has no name and does not show up on any maps, but our friends call it "Airplane Park" (by street maybe Marymount Park). It is located by a narrow path at either about 7137 Armstrong or 7142 Marymount off Pacific Oaks in Goleta. It has toddler and regular swings as well as an airplane spring toy.
Swings and Spring Toy
This park we found driving by one day looking for University Village Walkway. "Lowell Park" (for lack of a better name) is on Lowell Way just off Hollister Ave in the 7200 block.

Small 5-12 structure (some broken parts)


There is a small playground on Jenna Dr. It has 2 slides, 2 climbing areas and swinging bars.

Park on Jenna Dr.

Trigo Pasado Park in Isla Vista is located on Trigo Rd and Pasado Rd.  It has a great climbing wall.

Climbing Wall at Trigo Pasado Park

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