Friday, September 4, 2015

Elings Park

Elings Park is a huge combination playground, playing fields and wedding area. One little known fact: it is built on a landfill. There are baseball fields, soccer fields, and a mountain bike area as well as a playground area. It has a 2-5 play structure and 5-12 structure over sand. The 2-5 structure has a slide and 2 climbing areas. The 5-12 structure has 2 slides, a bridge, 2 climbing areas, a sliding bar. It is also a dog friendly park with off leash areas. Directions here.

Baseball/Softball Fields

Soccer Fields

Bike Area

There are bathrooms.
There is a variety of play equipment.
A nearby picnic area is shady.

This park can get crowded, especially when there are games on the fields.
Dog owners often do not obey the code of conduct for the on leash areas, so this is not a great park if your kids are wary of dogs.

2-5 Play Structure (Front)

2-5 Play Structure (Back)

5-12 Play Structure (Front)

5-12 Play Structure (Back)

5-12 Play Structure (Side)

Regular Swings

Shady Rest Area

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