Thursday, August 27, 2015

Parque de los Niños

Parque de los Niños is a lovely park with a 2-5 play structure over sand and a 5-12 structure over wood chips. It is a long skinny park in the lot next to the freeway (there is a vine covered fence) with trees and benches. The 2-5 structure has 3 slides (double and twisty)and a climbing mountain. The 5-12 structure has 3 slides, a bridge, climbing wall and 4 other climbing areas. There are toddler and regular swings.  There are also monkey bars and swinging rings. The park is located on the lower westside of Santa Barbara:,+Santa+Barbara,+CA+93101/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x80e9147132e97349:0x790fd244fd32d6a0?sa=X&ved=0CB0Q8gEwAGoVChMIk93ChILKxwIVCqSICh17WQDA

This park has a lot of shade!
There are a lot of climbing places.
There are not a lot of playgrounds in this area.

There are no bathrooms.

5-12 Play Structure (Back)

5-12 Play Structure (Front)

Long, Skinny Park

Sitting Areas

2-5 Play Structure (Back)

2-5 Play Structure (Front)

Spinning Petals

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